Recently you received a letter or were informed by other means regarding the Martinique Jr youth snorkeling mask you purchased from Costco as part of a youth snorkeling set between December 2010 through July of 2011. It has come to our attention that the lens on the Martinique Jr youth mask has a potential to shatter if not properly used, such as diving head first into the water while wearing the mask. If you wish to receive a replacement mask, please make sure that the youth mask you plan to return is the Martinique Jr mask only as identified in the images and inspection video.

If you purchased your Martinique Jr mask from Costco and have determined that it is affected by the recall, please complete the following form. We will process your inquiry and send you a postage paid return envelope so that you may return your Martinique Jr mask in exchange for a different, more robust model, free of charge. Please understand that we are offering to exchange your mask for a new mask, not provide a new snorkeling set. When you receive the return envelope, please return only the Martinique Jr mask.

After you have sent the Martinique Jr mask to U.S. Divers please be aware it may take up to 6 weeks to receive your new mask.

The U.S. Divers Team

Important Safety Note: Although the replacement mask you will receive is a 2-window mask and is more robust than the Martinique Jr single lens mask, please be aware that you should never dive head first into any body of water while wearing a snorkeling or scuba diving mask. These types of masks have tempered glass lenses for maximum clarity and are not designed to withstand the excessive force from impact of a head first dive into the water.

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